Programs / Linear OSC Controller for Resolume Arena/Avenue

You only have to hit "Enter" during your show! ... Or Space if you are used to that ;)

 New in V2:
   LTC / SMPTE column launch syncronisation with SMPTE learn in Automation Aid
   MTC (Midi time code) cue launch with learn in Automation Aid
   Clip launch logger
   Easy scene edit with mouse RightClick on scene text
   fully transferable offline license
   UI translations
   save composition with updated scene names
   show bypassed scenes, so you can enable them on the fly.

 Main feautres:
    Remote control your Resolume Media Servers form anywhere on same Lan or even thru the internet.
    Failover backup connections for clients.
    Create timeline using Auto launch
    Auto launch Scene at time of day
    Auto launch next Scene in set time or beats
    Auto launch thru Decks
    Auto launch aid, to measures time(beats) between launches, record-apply automation editing.
    Automation range for easy and fast batch automations.
    Jump to scene/column/bookmark
    Colorize your important cues
    Relaunch feature
    Pure Relay Mode to run Resolume instances in sync (master/slaves) from Resolume UI
    Clip / composition collector integrated, provides full backup / archive including effects and ffgl dll-s, screen setup
    connection monitoring to clients
    controllable via third party OSC app (phone, tablet)
    controllable via Midi
    auto set transition time
    auto set transition blend
    auto set bpm
    remote switch deck
    remote tap tempo
    remote pause
    remote resync
    playback speed pitch bend
    control multiple remote clients
    works with presentation clicker (PageUp/PageDown), buttons can be reassigned now.
    resizeable UI

Supported operating systems:
  Microsoft Windows
  Mac OS X

Older versions (see changelog)

For key administration and transfer click here

Please register and log in to Buy a license for 23900 HUF (about 64EUR)

If you would like to buy in bulk, please contact me for the bulk prices, and discounts

No Refunds, try before Buy.

Setup is fairly simple.
Run the installer, then look at Preferences, the default target address is localhost( and the default ports are pre set.
Activate as many target clients as you like.
In preferences there are 10 clients, if you need more edit config.xml manually
Open Resolume, and go to Preferences/OSC.
On all of the target clients you have to acitvate OSC in and out with the respecting ports, deactivate Bundles, and set the IP address to the controllers IP.(when running on the same machine this is
You have reverse controlling ability in the controller from the first target only.

And don't forget to allow communicatons for Controller on windows firewall, or else you won't be able to control remote Resolume.

Demo will work for 8 minutes each time you start the program.
A composition file is included in the download, to demonstrate examples of the main functions.

 V2 keys are fully transferable and only need Internet connection on registering. TRY before Buy!

Shortly after payment You will recieve a registration key to the email account from where the payment was sent.
The key is generated by hand, I'll do my best to send it to you as soon as possible. (I live in Central Europe.)
If you didn't receive the key in 24-48 hours check your SPAM folder before contacting me.

Payments are not refundable after You recieved the registration key! TRY before Buy!

Would like to upgrade to v2 from a v1 Online key? That's also possible in the key administration page (the v1 won't accept the key any more!)
You can contact me on with any questions or suggestions.

Please read the readme.txt carefully for usage instructions.

Here is a TouchOSC template which shows you the cue names, and 6 decks. Edit the "login" button osc address /login/YourPassword" value as you need it. Reload.




               Server connection certificates



               Option to hide cue indexes



               BPM received from v7 is not correct

     2.38 :


               Computer ID and registration check can fail on new macOS

     2.37 :


               Preferences won't open on some machines

     2.36 :


               SMPTE in via OSC: use /smptecontroller/smpte1 and /smptecontroller/smpte2 to send LTC to Controler as String "00:00:00.00"

               Better LTC slowdown-speedup tolerance

               LTC error flashes up longer


               Resolume 7.5 column cue data save

               Try to keep last used audio input for SMPTE if sound devices change

     2.35 :

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