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Linear OSC Controller for Resolume Arena/Avenue

  You only have to hit "Enter" during your show!

  Supported operating systems:
    Microsoft Windows
    Mac OS X

  Click here to read more.

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Unused columns cleanup - ver 0.2

  fixed: old backup got overwritten if existed, now a new one is created with a random number in the file name.

Clickable Timeline for Resolume<

Quartz composer patches

    I make these for use in Resolume Arena.

  DMX helper for Resolume
      This patch uses user input to generate an image, that you can map in Advanced Output to your DMX fixtures
      Choose how many Fixtures you have, set their channel count,
      Set or animate 512 channels of data.
      Download patch
      Read the included readme.txt!



TextBeatSync - Display text lines beat synced
    Input your text lines into the string parameter separated by the given separator, then animate the next_line_signal.
    When the next_line_signal gets to the maximum value, the next line is shown.
    The actual line number resets on launch of the clip.
    Download patch

    TextBeatSync v2.: Made some refinements to the next-line signal evaluation, and also added a timeline parameter which you can animate.
    If the Timeline is smaller than 0.1 then the line index is reset to the first, so you can use this parameter in one shot timeline animated
    to have the first line displayed on clip start/relaunch.
    The next line signal has to be animated to move to the right (looped and ascending, which is default in Resolume),
    if the signal moves to the left ie is smaller value than before then the next line is displayed.
    Download v2 patch

FaderStarter for Resolume
    A little program for enabling FaderStart for clips in Resolume
    Works via OSC on localhost, set OSC input port to 7000, output port to 7001
    Download for mac         Download for win

OSC Bouncer
    A little processing sketch for Sending back OSC to the sender
    Download here

Resolume composition examples

    One button bump - pure resolume
      The bump is assigned to the X key, have a look at the composition key mapping and you'll get the idea for midi.
      One bump on key press, one bump on key release.
      Download composition


Vj footage: